Setting up the H60 to Push/Pull

Well I am looking to buy some fans to set up a push/pull system. When I bought my PC the H60 was preinstalled and the original Corsair Radiator fan that came with it was replaced with one that caps out at 900+ RPM's. From what I read the original could go up to 1700 RPM.

So what would be a good a radiator fan to replace the one I currently have? And since I need two fans for this should I get the same two fans for the Push/Pull system?

I also plan to get a fan for the side and one for the top of the case. What RPM's should I get on those? The one on the side is to cool the graphics card and the one on top is for exhaust.

Any fans suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Anyone? I heard that you should put a certain type of fan behind the radiator. And I'd like to know what RPM's I should consider for the fans on the radiator, side and top.
  2. If you have a fan controller these fan cannot be beat:

    These Shrouds will help a lot too, you will need longer screws to mount them of course:

    These screws will work:

    You will have to cut them down to like 50mm...

    Or just go to your local hardware store and get some 50mm 6-32 thread hex head screws..that for mounting the spacer and the fan...without the spacer these right here are great:
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