890x release date?

any date on when we will see an 890x? I know the fx is slated for release soon and so it's the 880. I'd like the 890gx features minus the Igp. I know, not many differences from the 790, but x6 sounds pretty good to me.
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  1. Quick bump on this, I need to know to. Apparently though there has only been news on 890FX, and 870 (supposedly not going to have crossfire, but the MSI 870 will have hydra).
  2. From what I understand there will be a lot of 790 boards that will have support for Thuban processors.

    Still, I'm hoping to see an 890x out their, too. The main reason is to have the natively supported SATA 3 that comes with the SB850 south bridge. The 890fx specs make me drool, but I don't know if I can afford it plus the cpu/memory/video cards to make use of it. An 890x priced just below the 890gx boards now available would be just about right for me.
  3. Yeah Im liking the 890fx but it's not going to be within my budget either. Mist likely I'll be waiting for 890x or stick with a 790x if prices go down enough.
  4. Just a bump, Im intrested too.
  5. Not sure about a true 890x board, but Gigabyte has an 890XA board out right now with Thuban support, a 790X northbridge, and an SB850 south bridge, allowing for native SATA 6.0 and USB 3. Only 8x/8x Crossfire, thanks to the 790X NB, but I gather that's not a huge drawback over 16x/16x, and IIRC you don't lose any PCIe lanes to SATA 6/USB 3 with the SB850.

    I'll be interested to see what the 890FX release does to the 790FX prices; I wouldn't mind the full Crossfire, but can't justify the extra cost right now.
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