What card should I get for $400. Needs be be single slot.

I have a Dell XPS 420.

Quad core 2.4ghz
3gb ram
8800GT currently.

I would like to replace my video card. I only have one video slot. So it needs to be non crossfire for SLI. What single card would you buy for $400 bucks?

I have a 24" dell monitor and running Windows 7, 32 bit.

Thanks guys!
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  1. immmmmmmmmmmm rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ati 5870 $399.95
  2. is the difference between the 5870 and 5850 worth it?

    Also, arent they sold out?

    and is it worth adding another 1GB of ram for 4gb total on a 32 bit os?
  3. i think so


    not really
  4. I couldn't find a chart comparing the 5870 and 5850 together. Anyone know where I might find this comparison?

  5. In the new 5850 review? The charts include single 5870 benches.

  6. lol. thanks.

    Sorry, trying to work and surf the nets at the same time!
  7. Also, does my system currently have any other bottle necks? Should I consider any other hardware?
  8. Considering it is a Dell, I assume OCing the CPU is out of the question (or dodgy at best). Just make sure your PSU can support the new card.
  9. Yeah no OCing available on this BIOS/mobo combo. Lame.

    But I'll make sure the PSU can hang with the card.

  10. Also, which is the best brand of 5870 to buy at the moment. Is there a BFG type of 5870 that comes pre O/C'd?
  11. Just OC it yourself with CCC. Save yourself some monies.

    XFX for good warranty, nom.
  12. ^+1 for XFX, awesome double lifetime warranty, you can sell the card and the buyer will also have a lifetime warranty, increasing its resale value compared to other brands.

    It is a little early for the factory OC versions (as they need to stockpile the chips that qualify first) but CCC should allow you to get more out of it, though I haven't read the limits that CCC allows those cards to be overclocked.
  13. Cool. XFX is pretty much sold out everywhere though. =)
  14. There is a reason for that. Personally I would wait until I could get my hands on an XFX card.
  15. Considering your problem is solved, how much you want for your card? :3
  16. shadow187 said:
    Considering your problem is solved, how much you want for your card? :3

    Check your PM.
  17. If I got UPS 3 day shipping. Would I get it Friday or Monday? Does UPS ship on saturday?
  18. Quote:
    Up to 980c/1350m with my 5870's with a tiny bit of voltage added :)

    Needs better cooling for 1Ghz

    Is that the max CCC configuration, or just the max you have achieved? Either way, 5.4ghz ram... damn. Thanks for the response, heh. Waiting is killing me.
  19. Quote:
    Get overnight you cheap ass. :lol:

    You'd get it tuesday

    Ahaha, alright you sold me on it. Over night it is.

    Over night isnt actually over night right... it would be Friday, correct?
  20. hahah, I am not buying right now. I have an XFX 4870x2 that has died on me (second one in 4 months actually) and put my 4870 512mb back in for now. The reasoning I am using is that if, in january or so, there are no 4870x2 in XFX stock, they may give me a 5850/70 instead. If they do send me another 4870 x2 (last time it was brand new, I put a small ID mark on the PCB of the first one I sent in and the return didn't have the mark) I will sell it to fund the purchase of a 5850/70.
  21. Until i built this computer last April, I was using a s939 4800+ with an AGP x1650 for two years (with a 1024x768 monitor). Patience is one of my defining traits.

    Besides, Demon's Souls drops for PS3 in NA next week, and I am guessing, from what I have read about it, that it will be taking up my gaming time for 2-3 months anyhow, hah. Distraction might be the better part of patience.
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