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Well, I finally put together all the components in my Custom PC.
When I turned it on the first time it powered on sucessfully and was able to install all the drivers, and software to get my new rig working.

But then I noticed the front blue LEDs aren't powered on.

The system works 100% and fine and so does the cooling fans on the case but whats wrong with the blue LEDs on the front?

Do I need to turn on a switch or connect a cable or something?
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  1. To tell you the truth i dont really know all though i have a Raidmax Smilodon in my house lol, it AWSOME case u have to agree wit me

    just check if there is any loose wires around the front panel areas as well the hd cage area
  2. According to the manual there's a LED "tooth" connector which is 4 pins but I can't find them.

    Probably because of my bad cable management :(

    But I'm going to look for that wire or any unconnected 4 pins.
  3. I built a system in a Raidmax Aztec a while ago, in that case the LEDs were tied directly into the case fans
    you may have faulty LEDs, have you checked to see if theres any power across the terminals?
  4. If you connected a LED power cable, make sure it isn't reversed. Often that is the fix if you discover that your power and/or HDD LEDs don't work; they're just plugged in backwards.
  5. Yo this case is HIGH class it will not have faullty LED probably
  6. They arent that high class, they are budget gaming cases, which offer good performance at lower price points than big brands but are often made of cheap plastics and steel rather than aluminium
  7. lol 129 buks isnt budget
  8. i guess not but most of them retail around the £60 or less mark which makes them budget
  9. on my smilodon case its the 4pin(it only has 2 pins in it) with black/purple cable
  10. I'm having the same problem - the connector looks like it is set up right, but I'm not sure if it's an issue with coming off a fan or what. Initially when I was testing the power and mobo, I had the lights, but once I got everything else in I had issues. All I get is the red led for the blue LED "teeth."
  11. Well, I have Raidmax Scorpio. As the time passed, and I opened the front door of the case more and more times, the cable became broken, so I had to change it. So, your problem could be because of broken cables, too..
  12. i cant set up my raidmax well i know how to but it says to click on a profial thing but its not there
  13. can you help me
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