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I have a hp package deal, m8530f media center pc. I'm almost done installing a new motherboard ASUS m3a78-cm, and the power button's connector doesn't seem to line up correctly with the socket provided on the new mobo. So I have the schematics for the ASUS mobo, but I didn't get anything with my hp and can't seem to find an ESM on the net. Can anyone help me? I need to know what each wire is on my hp power button so I can repin the connector correctly.
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    I'm just betting this is what you had on the old mobo, since HP WON'T release the mobo specifics!! <<----This is why I don't buy pre-built systems!!!
    You have a 9/10 pin setup, from HP's website. If you were looking at the pinout on the old mobo and lined up the 5 pins on the right and the 4 pins on the left, this is what I'd bet that you had:
    (lower left - the first one on the bottom of 4 pins)
    + PWR LED ---> up from it - PWR LED ----> up from it PWR Button ---> up from it PWR Button GND
    (^^^That is the 4 pin portion)

    On the 5 pin portion:
    + HD LED ---> up from it - HD LED ---> up from it GND for the Reset button ---> up from it RESET Button ---> and up from it, there isn't any connection.

  2. The picture should help you out quite a bit. Went searching for about an hour looking for firm details on the HP mobo, but couldn't find anything, so I searched out a possible common pinout for a front panel connection.
    Looking at your manual will allow you to put the pins in the correct places. Look on page 1-23 section 7 for more details.
    Here's a picture that I think matches your pinouts on the NEW mobo:
  3. tyty - I actually had the new mobo connector layout, it came in the manual, sorry for not stating that before. Thank you for the hp power button connector layout. It looks just like my connector. I am going to have to get a 20-8 pin connector for that front panel layout. Any idea where empty connectors can be purchased? websites? common stores?
  4. Yes there a couple of options:
    1) pull out the pins (which your going to have to do anyway) and manually push each one onto the correct position.
    2) buy these:
    * ASUS Q-Connector
    Make connections quick and accurate
    The Q-Connector allows you to connect or disconnect chassis front panel cables in one easy step with one complete module. This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate.

    You can get them here:
    They look like

    or here:

    You get the idea. Just punch in "Asus Q-Connector" and you should find what you need.
  5. You will still need to push out the pins out of your current plug (if they aren't in separate pairs already).
  6. so will I be able to repin that connector? The picture isn't that good so I cant tell if I can pull those pins out and replace them with mine.

    I will still be missing a connector to put my current pins in, where can I purchase this?
  7. What you do is pull out the pins out of your current block (8 pins total, but is a 10 pin connector block) and push each wire with connector onto the top side of the Asus Q-Conector block. The Asus Q-Connector block just extends the existing connection on the mobo for you. This way you can pin the connector outside of the case and all you have to do is just slide the whole assembly onto the mobo. This makes things extremely easy to do.
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