Matrox g550 driver wanted

Hi all,

I'm looking for the file xddm32_208_03_003_se_u_whql.exe ... Matrox' FTP server seems down, and all the other sites I found either link to that server or provide damaged files.

Anyone willing to transfer that driver?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Very old one. You can try to find the driver from

    Below is the link:

    You have register to get the driver.

    Hope this would help.
  2. This just links to files via the FTP of Matrox, at least the links I clicked ... like this ... which times out. :/
  3. Here's a direct HTTP link for drivers, software, BIOS for the card in question directly from Matrox, available as I'm typing.

    Just choose G-Series, then G550.

    As I said, it's working currently.
  4. Thanks! I got the driver. Perfect.
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