Is it worth enough?????

a want to buy a new CPU for update my old CPU : Pentium 4 2.4GHz, GeForce2MX400, 512MB, 40GB....very lame.......but it's still enough to use for daily work....
now i'm getting a new build rig...hopefully i can buy it this year.....

My current Spec's:

Prcc : AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE or Phenom II 550 BE to min the budget
CPU Cooler : Xigmatek Achilles / Dark Knight ????need opinion
Mobo: Asus M4A78T-E / AsRock M3A790GXH/128 which is better ?????need opinion
RAM : Corsair Twin3x2048-1333 C9 DHX
PSU : Enermax Modu82+ 625W / Corsair TX750 which is better????need opinion
VGA : ATI RADEON HD 4890/4870 ( XFX/Sapphire/HIS) ??????need opinion
HDD: 500GB WD Green
Case : Cooler Mater Gladiator 600 / NZXT Lesa S

total cost around $800-$900,
still waiting 5870 and corei5 but it may be just dream to make an corei5 and 5870 with only $800
need your opinion guys.....tanx 4 the help.....
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    The asus board is better, asRock is a subdivision of ASUS and makes lower end boards.

    3x2 kits of ram are only used with i7s, get a CL7 2x2gb kit of ram.

    The 750TX is a hell of alot better.

    What resolution will you be using this on and are you gaming on it? That determines what GPU you need.

    Dont get a 500GB green drive, get the samsung F3 500GB drive, its a fast single platter drive and is one of the best out there.
  2. sorry to forgot i already have an LG 17 wide monitor from last system, and didn't have any plan to change it unless it dead....
  3. for a 17" monitor a 4850 512MB is more than enough, a 4670 might be able to play things on high depending on its resolution.
  4. tanx for the suggestion...i will search it first....
    about the RAM...any my local shop only have Corsair, Mushkin, Patriot, Gskill,OCZ??? in my local shop there is a samsung HDD but not specify which is that, maybe i willl think abou 500Gb CaviarBlack.
  5. whats your local shop? All of those brands make good ram, just try to find some DDR3 1333MHz or 1600MHz ram with a cas 7(CL7) that is reasonably priced.

    If you are going to get a WD drive the 500 and 750GB drives are older, the 640 and 1TB drives are newer, WD currently doesnt have any lower capacity drives using the newest 500GB platters, they have a couple that have capacities well above 1TB.
  6. 4850???is ist can handle Crysis in Max Resolution, Very High Detail, 8xAA ???
    i'm little bit confuse with today's graphic card... actually i want to use nvdia but nForce still not make DDR3 platform.
  7. Max resolution depends on your monitor's max resolution, a 512MB 4850 will run crysis on high smoothly at 1280x1024.

    You can use a single nVidia card on an AM3 platform but if you are going to do that get a 550vx PSU and a 770 board because its not worth getting a crossfire capable board and power supply if you are only ever going to run a single card anyway.

    Whats the resolution on the monitor you use?
  8. i'already check the RAM, maybe i't wont fit my $800 budget....but is it will going well, no bottleneck if i'm still using CL9 ram????how's the performance
  9. the resolution maybe 1440x900 if i'm not wrong
    oh...i it AMD 770 already DDR3????
  10. All AM2+ boards are compatible with AM3 processors, but they have DDR2, if you want a DDR3 board you have to get an AM3 socket but AM3 sockets use the same chipsets as an AM2+ board so all of the chipsets come in two forms, AM2+ boards and AM3 boards. A 4870 should be able to play it maxed out, but a 4850 will run everything except crysis maxed out with decent frame rates, crysis isnt the best way to judge a card.
  11. any 4870 brand suggestion???best in price and performance
    i want to build a new PC maybe in future i want to upgraded, that's why i chose an AM3 DDR3 board with CX enable
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