Can/Should I buy this RAM?

My rig is getting up there is years and the cheapest upgrade I can do is RAM, so I am going to buy this 2x2gb Corsair deal unless someone gives me a good reason not to. The deal is there on Tiger

I am currently using 4x1gb DDR2 RAM, I believe it is Kingston but it's been so long I don't remember. Here's the info I gathered from CPUID: but I have no idea what any of that means.

My query is can I buy 2 sticks of this new RAM and use it with 2 sticks of my old RAM? If not, should I buy 4 sticks of the new stuff or will I be ok with 2? I use this machine for gaming, run 1920x1080 res and my next upgrade will be from a 8800GTS to a HD 5850 (hopefully)

Should I post info on my mobo?

Thanks for all input, it is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Not alot of applications that will benefit from going from 4gigs to 6gigs, the few that will you don't mention so I'm guessing not.
    Based on the information provided not a good idea, at all.
    You are running high resolution video with 512mb video card.
    Would suggest you just opt for the 5770 1gig, half the price and probobly provide the best benefit with amount of money you appear willing to plunge down right now. Plus you can take the card with you when you have the money to splash for new system.
    You can get better results with what you have now, set the memory for the epp1 timings 4-4-4-12 with voltage at 2.2v if the 4 memory chips are identical.
    Also the pci-express buss is capable of running at 16x but you're running at 8x for the existing video. That may be caused by incorrect setting in bios, weak power supply or poor contact in slot (try pulling card cleaning contact and reseating.
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