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Remove User from HomeUsers in Win7

Hello, my Home Computer has 2 admin accounts (not including the hidded Administrator) and 4 standard user accounts in Win7 Ultimate. I am trying to removing the standard users from the HomeUsers group so they don't have access to the HomeGroup libraries.

However, each time I log in as a standard user, Win7 seems to add the standard user back into the HomeUsers group. How can I stop Win7 from adding these Users to the HomeUsers group?

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  1. I dont think you can. But you can go to User Accounts and then Manage Accounts and then turn the user account off. Its there and can only be seen from the manage accounts screen but it no longer displays any place else. This also hid the random shares it has when you go to network. Thats all I did.

    I would like to hear a better solution if some one out there has one though.
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    Instead of using the HomeGroup, why not just use workgroups and simple sharing as I don't think the "users" group can be removed from the HomeGroup.
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