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I need your help please. I started a build of a HTPC/Gaming computer. I recently bought an Asus P6T mother board, Intel I7 920 processor,Seagate Sata 1.5 TB drive, a Sony Blueray player, PNY GEforce GTX 275 Video Card, Corsair TX 850 power supply, Thermaltake DH-102 HTPC case and 6 GB of DDR3 Corsair 1600 Ram 3x2 Sticks. I have gotten everything installed and when I powered up I get no beep codes, no video. The fans are running on the case and CPU. The Video card fan is not spinning at all. The digital readout on the case is not powered up, the hard drive does not seem to be spinning. I have double checked all of my connections and everything seems to be o.k. My guess is that the MB is dead but I would like some advice. When I purchased all of my gear the store offered to do a CPU Motherboard check and I was good with that. When they went to do it they said it was to late all of their techs had left for the evening. The store I purchased everything from is an hour away and I would hate to drive all the way there if it is something simple. Thank you for any advice/help you can give me.
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  1. First, I suggest you try to start it up with only the bare basics (CPU, GPU, 1 stick RAM) with the motherboard outside the case, sitting on a piece of cardboard or other non-conductive surface. Before firing it up, be sure to clear the CMOS with the battery out for 10+ minutes. If it doesn't start, reseat the CPU, move the RAM to a different slot, and try again.

    Also, try the paperclip test with your PSU (google it).

    If it doesn't start, then you have a bad CPU or motherboard and you'll have to have the shop test them or buy/borrow spare parts to troubleshoot.
  2. Forgot the connector checklist:

    24-pin main power?
    8-pin CPU power?
    GPU auxiliary power?
  3. You have a "New Build Bootup Problem". This is common, usually reported as "My system powers up fine but . . ." and usually without system specs. You made neither mistake, thanks lol.

    Anyhow, you really need to follow this checklist:

    and you need to do it as if you were reviewing someone else's work. Otherwise, you are likely to repeat any assembly error you might have made. If you need help, let us know.
  4. The problem has been solved. I got a bad motherboard
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