Degraded RAID volume

I am getting the error message "A RAID volume is degraded because of failed hard drives. I have an HP Desktop with Vista OP (I know.)

I did some research and bought an external drive and ran a full back-up. Now what? The error message sends me to an intel link that provides a download that I cannot download. Do I need to just purchase a new RAID drive? Please help.

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  1. Do you have a RAID array in that machine? Please forgive me asking, but do you know what a RAID array is?

    Doing a backup is an excellent first step. That way, if your PC loses all the data you can recover. But I find it strange that a generic HP desktop would have a RAID volume.

    Can you show or tell us what drive devices you see is Device Manager (in the OS) and in the BIOS? Maybe that machine does have a RAID1 in case of spindle failure. I'm guessing in the dark here.
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