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Well first off, let me say I am sorry, there are probably many threads like this but anyways...

So I was running prime95 and after about 45 seconds my comp beeped to tell me that the CPU had hit a danger zone (60*C, I set that in BIOS.) So I stopped the tests. Then, I looked at speedfan to see my temps and found that it was not my CPU that hit 60C, it was temp1. Now I had always thought that the CPU in speedfan was my CPU's temp, but could temp1 be some other temperature on my CPU, or is it something different probably? BTW, I am running a Phenom x4 955 BE with stock fan and at stock clock (Max temp is 62C). Here's a pic of the speedfan graph:
So as you can see they were both rising pretty similarly, but only "temp1" hit 60C, which is when my comp beeped and I stopped the test.
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  1. I am not sure, speedfan might just have a glitch but quick question, how do you post pictures into your posts??? Can you tell me how to do that?
  2. Yeah sure take a screenshot of your windows page (use the Snipping Tool on Windows 7, use printscreen + paste on paint on any other windows) and then upload it to some website (i use tinypic, no registration required.) When you upload it, it should give you a few links, and you want the one that says something like "Forums." It has tags that are like on either side
  3. Thanks for that, i never knew how to do that before ;)
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