600T SE White WC Build Log

Hello and welcome to my build log.

There's nothing special at the moment, just wanted to put my system out and show everyone my specs and projected plans.

As you can tell from the title, I am working with a Corsair 600T SE White. I think the case looks fairly elegant and even though its a bit cramped for a WC Loop (Even though its extremely big from Mid-Tower standards) I think I'll be able to accomplish this.

Alright, here are my plans. I'm going to use a dremel and cut the top of my 600T to fit a 360 radiator. When I do this however, its going to be a CPU only loop. Later on at Phase 2 of my WC loop, I will get a 200mm Phobya radiator and a GPU block to complete my loop.

Here are the projected items I will probably get:
1x XSPC Raystorm LGA 1155
1x Magicool 360 Slim
1x Bitspower 150 Multi Z
1x MCP35X
10x XSPC Compression Fittings (Some extra in case I need them!)
(Not sure about Tubing, since I already have blue tubing but I'm trying to decide whether to use it...)
4x Gentle Typhoon
Phase 2
1x 200mm Phobya Radiator
1x Coolermaster Megaflow
1x Aquacomputer GraFX GTX 580 Waterblock
(Sorry about the quality. iPhone's Camera does not do this case justice!)
And finally, here are my specs

CPU: Intel i5 2500k
RAM: 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws (Going to Vengeances soon. :) )
Graphics: EVGA GTX 580 1.5 GB
Storage: (Boot & Applications) OCZ Agility 3 60GB (Storage) Seagate 250GB 7200 RPM
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68V-Pro
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  1. Now I have half (?) of my parts! The rest will come tomorrow, and hopefully my Proxxon will come next week. Here is the AP-15s I ordered and the Magicool 3x120 Radiator Slim. :)


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Random question that 580 reference design?
  3. Yup. Its the 015-P3-1580-AR model.
  4. alright - the bandwagons moving :)

    * that an x4 i see under that rad :) ... i have the bigger bro.
  5. The X6? I like the X4 since it has a 20KRO.

    Anyway my watercooling parts came today. Ill take some pictures for you guys' viewing entertainment when I get home.
  6. Ah jesus. I tried to put all my WC parts in my computer but all I did was make eerything wet. Thank god nothing was plugged in. Im going to leave it alone for now until my Proxxon comes in. Then I can just make mods for everything to fit! :D :p
  7. like rubix said in an earlier thread - "planning + preparation is key, so take your time"...actually that wasn't quote for quote what he said :)

    i remember when i got my H50 to mod i rushed through it but eventually figured cutting corners could result in a fried mobo - in my case the asus rampage extreme x48 that took me a good while to find in uk.

    * back to the thread topic - how are you looking at your build...i mean aesthetically? are the rads all going inside the case?
  8. Haha, I now know that patience is critical. I didnt tighten most of the compression fittings right! ALL the rads in my build will be located internally. I need some 40 and 90 degree fittings if I want a truly clean build, but I'm just going to do some improvising by completely removing my HDD rack. I'll probably post finished build pictures tomorrow once I get my Proxxon and saw off the top of the case.
  9. finished...? then what about the build log - its about taking pics as you go along :)
  10. Oh yes I will post pictures and things today, just a bit hard since my main PC is down at the moment. I do have a laptop on which I will give today's progress. :)
  11. Now you know why it's taking me so long to get my build completed...
  12. Yeah. I finally got my PC to boot, Clear CMOS did the trick. I'm sitting at 55C Load on Prime 95 with a 4.8 GHZ Overclock and 1.355VCore. Little high, but I think it may just need to bleed out the air. :S Pump is dead silent though.

    I'll upload pictures tomorrow of the working Loop. Then I'll start the actual modding later.
  13. Ouch... My dad decided to do some of the modding for me. However, he mis-interpreted what I said and basically cut open my case from the top. Pretty upset. Anyway, my whole rig is running on an open bench setup with the WC. I'm going to have to post-pone this Build Log or have to start with a new case all-together. 800D?
  14. :D triple rad top mounted ...anyone :)?

    good: you get a new case
    bad: always do your work yourself cos only your brain knows whats needed to be done :P
  15. Haha, yeah, but now I have to choose my case. What to do what to do. What do you think looks good case-wise?
  16. budget?
  17. I'd say around 250?
  18. I don't really like the "Box" Look of the 800D. Something like the TJ11 would be nice. :P

    What do you think the the FT02 or RV02? Could do something like.... This http://www.overclock.net/t/1150056/build-log-silverstone-ft02-540mm-rad-conversion-updated-all-pics-in-post-1
  19. Raven are nice but the the FT02 is better looking. The TJ11 might be a lil trouble some to work with but then again whats WC'ing without modding?

    the RV03 has better space for WC
  20. I personally think that the RV03 looks ugly. I think I'll go with the FT02 because of the aluminum. :p just copy the 3x180's build log. :)
  21. :) :lol: i also forgot beauty is subjective :) happy building!
  22. Haha. I just don't like the "Champagne Gold" stripes. Looks way too tacky. Hehe. Thanks. Hope my future case builds don't end like this.
  23. Sometimes, ugly is beautiful. It indeed is a very subjective concept and one that changes depending on how many beers you've consumed. Oh wait...this might be more how you describe beer goggles...but still applies.
  24. If its not too late have you looked at Fractal Design's XL?


    Quite sleek IMO... Would take some modding and cutting, but nothing you and your pops cant handle!
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