BSOD with new CPU

hey I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but i figured to go here and in the XP section. I recently purchased a new cpu and cpu heatsink, and that time about 3 weeks ago i've been getting steadily more frequent blue screens of death. They pop up far too quickly for me to read them and my computer does an automatic reboot. they happen at the most random times--from while i'm browsing, listening to music and messaging, to playing demanding games like dawn of war 2 or fallout 3. the cpu was a budget upgrade and could be the problem but i can't tell. It's really frustrating and I'm up to having about 1 BSOD each day. any ideas? This has happened with an OC to 3.1GHz @ 1.45 volts, 3.0GHz @ 1.4V and now again at 2.8 GHz and 1.35 volts, so it doesn't seem to be an overclock issue. Now i am on stock speeds and voltages. Virus related? i have norton 2009....any ideas?

My system is:

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H MOBO
QuadCore AMD Athlon X4 620, 2860 MHz (13 x 220) with OCZ Gladiator Heatsink
2 x 2GB Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048 PC6400 @ 880MHz
Disk Drive Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 (500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II)
Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT (512 MB)
OCZ 600W ModXStream Modular PSU
Windows XP Home Edition SP3
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  1. Hello :)
    Have you tried to update your BIOS ?
  2. I don't have an unclocked multiplier, so i have to overclock by changing the FSB. i currently have no overclock running. been running four about 4 hours good. i'll run the mem test
  3. Update your BIOS if you haven't already. Since the AthlonII X4 620 is rather new your motherboard may simply not have the proper BIOS settings to run it correctly. Secondly, did you do a clean install? If not, then go to the ad remove panel and uninstall the AMD CPU Driver (called AMD something or other). You can then go to AMDs website and download a newer version. If you Upgrade the CPU without doing that you will get all sorts of issues since that driver is still expecting your older CPU.
  4. did you clear cmos before changing cpus?
  5. Best answer
    Under MB Intelligent Tweaker set the memory to x3.33 instead of x4.00.

    With the base clock set at 240MHz, your CPU will be at 3.12GHz and your RAMs at 800MHz spec.

    If you wish to go beyond that drop the memory to x2.66.

    There is a bit more to it than that but you should study up on an OC guide and learn more about the interrelationship of all the components (instead of taking the easy way out :) ).

    Lock the PCIe freq at 100MHz. Learn how to control and manage the HT and NB freqs ---- not to mention volt tweaks. You are killing the CPU at 1.45v needlessly. You should be able to hit the numbers I gave you above with stock volts --- possibly even with undervolting the CPU.
  6. Quote:
    Great advice. I love undervolting.

    It's amazing, ain't it? :lol:

    With today's CPUs - both AMD and Intel - in undervolting you can give up 200MHz on the top-end OC, drop total system power consumption over 30% and reduce temps 15-20c.

    I imagine the OP can get 3GHz at 1.25v when he figures this whole thing out ---- in what is left of my mind (!) an extra .2v for another 200MHz is not worth it (unless you have to heat your house ... )
  7. Alright guys thanks for all the advice. I'm not great with BIOS, and software stuff yet, I've just got a firm grasp on hardware. As a result, that's been a lot to follow. Could somebody sum it up for me, and maybe explain how to install the bios/clear the cmos? thanks again!
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