Usb2.0 to ide and sata cable

Hello,just wondering if u can help i have one of ur usb 2.0 to ide and sata cables but problem is when ive dug it out the wires(red,white,green and black)have broken off from the adaptor circuit board.i know which solder joint the green wire came from but that still leaves me scratching my head about the other 3?one solder joint has grd on the board near then the joint for the green then another 2?just hoping u can advise me which is which so i can repair and solder it thanks
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  1. I think you are not where you think you are.
    This site does not sell any hardware, the "ur usb to ide cable" is from some other place. Just do a web search for the model of adapter, could find images for what you need.
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