I7 2600 OC'd

Some extra specs: corsair H100 Liquid CPU - case CoolerMaster Enforcer - ge force gts 450 - psu cooler master 1000w - motherboard foxconn rattler - 2 ssd: vertex agility 3 - ASUS D1 Xonar sound
Windows 7 experience: 7.1
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  1. If I'm risking my memory controller.That's what worries me. Intel says ram voltage should not exceed 1.50 for 1333 but some OCs say it's fine. MB manufacturers also confirm running stable that high. The system is up and running three months without issues.
  2. Thanks 384.
  3. your OC is wrong, the windows score of 7,1 its not good. It should be @ 7,5 -7,6. The CPU its not working in parameters. that if the score of 7,1 comes from the cpu side...
  4. Well cpu is 7.6 - 7.1 comes from ssd. You got the cpu part right.
  5. exactly
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