As it stands DDR3 modules only seem to come in 2 and 4GB capacities (maybe there are 1GBs out there, haven't looked). I've heard about 8GB modules being introduced.

Why has no one (apparently) done 3GB modules? Is there something in the addressing architecture that won't support it, or does the industry just not like odd numbers? With 3GB modules, you could do 6GB dual channel and 9GB triple channel, which is a nice upgrade from the 2GB module equivalents, but would probably be significantly cheaper than pushing to 8/16GB.

There might be a niche there for a vendor who wants to take a shot.
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  1. I think there are 3GB models, but I don't know how they work, because ram is always a power of 2 (such as 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB). Perhaps 3GB isn't much cheaper than 4GB because they waste space or something. Besides, who needs more than 3x2GB anyway?
  2. New Macbooks 13.3" officially support only 2+2GB DDR3 1066, but extra-officially they accept up to 6GB. It would be nice if there were 3GB modules available, so Macbook users could take benefit of dual channel memory access.

    P.S.: Sorry, this is an Abit forum, but maybe my post can be useful anyway...
  3. That makes sense. But 4GB ram seems like plenty to me. Also, I read a wikipedia article that said that dual channel memory is only like 15% faster or something than single channel. That really surprised me. Basically I don't think dual channel matters outside of video games.
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