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This is my first time I'm building a computer, so I need some advices. Computer is for video editing, working with EDIUS 5 and HD STORM card, so I have some questions. Which mainboard should I use, is Q9550 enough or should I go to i7, DDR3 or DDR2, for this pourpose what is better, one smaller system disc, and one or two bigger discs like 1TB, or to make RAID 0. And graphics, I think that I dont need some high end graphic card,am I right, and some propsal will be ok.
Thank you!!!
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  1. Going with an i7 or Q9550 will depend on your budget and your requirements...
    This would help us to help you...REad this and copy paste it here...
  2. OK, thank you.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: the closer the better

    BUDGET RANGE: (example: US$1700-1900 in CROATIA)

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: video editing with EDIUS 5 and working with Canopus HD STORM card

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers


    PARTS PREFERENCES: I would like to use an Intel CPU


    MONITOR RESOLUTION: Samsung T240 1920x1200

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: nothing special

    Video editing card is Canopus HD STORM
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    For video editing, the i7 would be more suitable...It has Tri-Channel memory controller, which would give better performance...
    Here is a config that you can keep as reference...

    CPU - i7 920
    Mobo - Gigabyte X58 UD5/ Gigabyte X58 - UD4P
    RAM - 12GB DDR3 - Preferably 1600MHz/ 1333MHz with lower timings - Brands - Corsair, GSKillz, OCZ
    HDD - If you can get 2 faster HDD in RAID 0 and a large HDD as backup...
    Or if you can get an SSD inside your budget, then it would be very good...
    Graphics card - Any 9 series or GTS series from Nvidia would do as the video editing s/w would take advantage of the CUDA...
    PSU - Corsair 550VX
    CASE - Personal choice...

    Select the components from those sites and post them here...See if it is coming under your budget...
    Hope these help...
  4. This is something I came up. It has RAID 0 , with smaller system disc,and this is maximum budget I would spend.
    I see now I have made a mistake earlier when i wrote my ''BUDGET RANGE'', I have calculated wrong.

    1 HDD S-ATAII Seagate - 1000GB NCQ 32MBC
    2 PSU Corsair TX Series , 750W, 12cm, ATX2.2
    3 CAS Frontier Mid-Tower SHINOBI 400W ATX blk
    4 DVD±RW Samsung SH-S223F 18x DL SATA, black
    5 Canopus HD STORM
    6 VGA XFX ATI HD4650, 512MB, DDR2, PCIe
    7 MBO S.1366 Gigabyte X58-UD5,ATX,DDR3,PCIe
    8 CPU Intel Core i7-920 - 2.66GHz, 8MBC, BOX
    9 RAM DDR3 1600 Corsair, 6GB KIT, 3X2GB, XMS3
    10 HDD S-ATAII Seagate - 320GB NCQ 16MBC
    In croatia this is 20308kn what is aprox 4030 USD
  5. ^ That's a lot of money...If am not wrong, that HD card takes up most of the budget right...

    And as for the PSU, drop to Corsair 450VX or at the max 550VX...It is more than suffice for your requirements...
    And make sure you get the latest Seagate 7200.12 drives and the older 7200.11 drives...And if you can change that 320GB to 7200.12 500GB...
  6. Yes, almost 50% of my budget is HD card.
    Thank you, I'll see about hard drives.
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