Old BX board won't boot- just beeps

I have an old PC out of an automotive alignment machine. It has a CB60-BX rev b+ board with a socket 370 Celeron 733/66 and 1 stick of pc133 128 RAM.
Before anybody recommends a new one, the machine has 2 very large ISA slot cards that interface to the Alignment machine. Any more recent PC won't accept these. Also I don't have any backup discs for the alignment program so I need to use the hard drive it has(WIN98).

So when I turn it on, it has 1 long beep that keeps repeating. The CPU fan runs and the beeps is all.
The MB manual suggests that the RAM is bad. I have tried 3 different sticks in all 3 different slots with no improvement. I also cleared the CMOS and tried a different CPU, p0oer supply and video card.

Any idea what to try next?
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  1. Hyper microsystems has some new 370 boards, including an N440BX dual cpu slot one for $67 new. Sorry I can't post links.
  2. Or try to find one on eBay. Search for "pentium isa 440bx" and you'll find several, including an ITOX CB60-BX for $650.
  3. Yeah I did find one CB60X-BX on eBay for $331 buy it now. I can't imagine why the high price.
    I found I had an old Tyan BX board here that booted up. I won't know until I mate it to the alignment machine if it works.

    I still like to know why the old board didn't boot up.
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