Should i use Intel smart response tech?

I have a crucial m4 128gb ssd and a seagate barracuda 1tb hdd. (and z68 mobo). I was wondering how to best set them up...

Should I have the OS & other important programs on ssd and use hdd for main storage, or

Use intel smart response tech to enable part of the ssd for cache of hdd. (with this approach, how do I ensure the majority of ssd is used for storage? Will I need to partition?)

Or should I use some other RAID setup? Thank you for help!
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  1. Your ssd is large enough for window and program installation. So go for the os and program in ssd and storage in hdd strategy. RAID setup? what other disk do you have? RAID ssd with hdd is a thing to do if you want to totally waste your money.
  2. But will it enhance my overall performance if I use a slight fraction of the ssd as my hdd cache via the intel smart response tech?
  3. Intel SRT has a maximum cache size of 64GB, so if you think you could make due with 64GB for your OS partition, you can have the best of both worlds. Just partition your SSD into two parts and use one for your OS and the other as your SRT cache. Voila, fast read/write for your OS partition and fast read times for your other apps and games.
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