HP2475 wont hold calibration

I have recent purchased a HP2475w and calibrated with Eye one display 2, but every time i turn back on it loses the i1 profile. I have deleted all other profiles in display tab but some how it can't be using it. If i recalibrate then it comes right again. Unfortunatley i don't want to have to go through this every time i start up. No other software is working that i can tell in start up.
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  1. I am having the same problem with an HP2408h. As far as I can tell, I think it is a video card problem. I've checked, and the monitor is set to be using the I1 profile, however because I am using a laptop, I think my video card runs both monitors (laptop and HP) with the laptop display's profile (no matter what my setting).

    Is your video card able to use two or more profiles simultaneously? I think mine isn't, and so I've wasted my money on an I1, at least until I nab a new CPU.
  2. Thanks, That could be an issue. I am also have problems with New Hardware Found coming up every time i start up. This appears to be on my graphics card so definatley something going on there. Haven't had time to investigate further as i have recently upgraded my monitor and motherboard and suspect it is all related somewhere. Maybe reinstall operating system as a last resort.
  3. I have managed to sort out the problem by uninstalling both the Eye One software and the ATI graphic card software. Now that they are both reinstalled everything is working. Thanks.
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