ATI 4670 crossfire question

I'm wondering whether I should crossfire 4670 512mb or crossfire 4670 1gb. I'm not a serious gamer; moderate one at most I guess. Anybody have a better suggestion? I'm choosing 4670 because it's cheap but if anyone has something better.. please let me know :)
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  1. If u are a moderate gamer then 4670 is a good mid-range card,why do u want to CrossFire ?
  2. i suggest you should go for the HD 4650 512 mb GDDR 3. If your a moderate gamer thats all you need and you can overclock it quite a bit. I have the HD 4650 1GB DDR2 and i play all new games at good settings, even tough i have a 1680x1050 22" screen.
    HD 4670 crossfire is more hard core gamer style in my opinion!
  3. Thanks guys but what if I want to play some new games? would a 4670 or 4770 be enough?
  4. oooh okay thanks. the frontpage yest or w/e said that 2 way 4470 crossfire is good :O what do you think about that?
  5. Thanks :) ill either get a 4770 or 2 4770 to crossfire :)
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