Which Bios to download?

Which Bios to download for GA P55A UD3, theres Bios F5 AND F6 versions for this mobo. Do i have to download both? Does it matter, usually the newest drivers and Bios should be downloaded????Any advice is much Appreciated :)

i5 750
G.Skill 4gb cl 7 1333
Ocz 700w
ati 5770
samsung F3 1TB
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  1. Download the newest BIOS, so long as it applies to your model (and/or version) of the motherboard in question.

    Make sure you know how to properly flash your bios
    Read up on the fixes and known problems with the version you are flashing (notes)
  2. Just to add on to cscott_it

    Flashing your BIOS can cause severe risks. Unless there is something in the new BIOS version that you ABOSLUTELY NEED, do not update your BIOS. Having the latest BIOS is not like updating virus definitions in your AV software.

    Reading the version notes on your current BIOS and the two updates will save you the headache of clearing CMOS, troubleshooting boot/POST problems arising from a BIOS update, etc.

    Reasons to update your BIOS:

    1. No boot
    2. No POST
    3. Functional improvement (your current version is missing a feature crucial to proper operation)
    4. Increased support for your hardware

    The above list is by no means complete, but before you update your BIOS ask yourself if the new version fits one of those topics.

    If anyone would like to add on to the list of reasons, please do.
  3. Don't update, it's not worth it. It caused my motherboard to lock up severely. Look at my other post! :D
  4. Dont update what? Bios, drivers? Gigabyte manuals tell me that F5 version of the bios is the newest and the one that comes with my motherboard. However, on their website it shows the newest Bios F6 for the driver. Am I sticking with F5 Bios because it came with the board?
  5. Yes, stay with your current BIOS. That is, unless you NEED some added feature/function in the F6 (which is the most current) BIOS.
  6. Cool will do! thanks for the feedback! :D
  7. If you want to update your BIOS, use the newest version. This will be the one with the highest #, so in your case F6. If your systems stable and you're not comfortable updating BIOS then don't do it. But there's nothing to be scared about. Lots of people update their BIOSes all the time without running into problems. Just be sure you do it correctly. That means do NOT ever use the windows based software. For Gigabyte, this is called @BIOS. Stay away from it. Instead, get into BIOS during system start up and use the QFlash utility, once you've prepared your files on a USB stick.
  8. Can I update my Bios if my new sata Hard drive (samsung F3 1tb) is not being detected by windows 7 ultimate clean install? will that help?
  9. Well, if your HDD isn't being detected there are two things I would suggest doing (aside from reseating cables).

    Check in your BIOS as to what 'Mode' your hard drive is set in. (Legacy, AHCI, etc.)
    Also, if you have the CD that your mobo came with, you can insert it and install the drivers from there and it should be able to pick it up, whether it is running in AHCI (which should be detected regardlessly) or RAID.
  10. Its a new build, how do I install the drivers from the motherboard CD to my rig?
  11. If you're installing Win Vista/7, you really shouldn't need to install SATA drivers before the OS. If the problem is that Win 7 doesn't see your HDD you could have a BIOS configuration problem.

    Check your BIOS for:

    Integrated Peripherals - PCH SATA Control Mode: This is where you configure the types of emulation on your mobo to detect IDE, AHCI, or RAID.

    However, if you do need to install SATA or other 3rd party drivers prior to OS, the installer will prompt you to install the drivers for the HDD. At this point you can remove the Windows installer disc and insert your mobo cd.
  12. Ive already messed with the Integrated Peripherals..nothing. Tried loading a flash drive with a bootable drive... nothing. Took the drive to another pc and fired right up with no problem, so i know its not the drive. All components are installed correctly and everything shows up in the Bios. Installing Windows 7 ultimate but i cant get passed the screen where windows wants to select a drive to install too. Im I missing anything?

    I appreciate your replies!
  13. There should be an option to install drivers when you select the drive in the Windows 7 installer (on the left-hand side of the screen as I recall). There should be an option listed for drivers. W

    hen you select that option, you'll need to replace your install CD from your CD-Tray and replace it with the CD that the manufacturer included with the motherboard.

    When in the driver install window (pop-up thing) navigate to your CD-Rom drive.
    Look for a folder called Drivers.
    There should be either an AHCI or SATA driver option available.
    Unless you are using a raid there is no need to install the RAID drivers.
  14. It did not work, I found drivers for Sata but it prompts me the same thing to "Where would you like to install windows" tab. How can I partition this drive on a new build? What menu do i have to go under to find FDisk or something similar of that sort? Bascially all i have to do is format and partition it.

    Samsung says you do not have to install drivers for this drive because it is SATA
  15. You can use the command prompt if you select the : "Repair My Computer" option.
    It will be at the bottom of the welcome screen when you load the install disk (before selecting where to install)
  16. What do I input in that menu to bring up the partition screen?
  17. Best answer
    You don't get a partition screen, persay.

    Are you 100% that you tried loading the drivers off of the CD (by clicking the locate drivers button).

    Any-who, from the command prompt to partition & format your disk.
    (line breaks represent pressing the return key)


    list disk

    select disk (select applicable disk, should be a disk 0)

    clean (deletes all pre-existing partitions)
    create primary partition size=(the size you want, 100000 would be 100GB, so every 1000 is 1 GB for this value)

    select partition 1


    format fs=ntfs quick


    That may help some.
  18. Still doesnt work, gives me "The paramater is incorrect" error when trying to shrink volume. So i tried my old 40GB IDE drive and that worked but the problem is that is will only let me shrink to 18GB. Ultimate by itself is 16GB plus all the applications and updates will be more than that. Windows is now running with no problem but I dont want to use IDE drives. What can i do now that im running on Windows 7 to try to install it on my new sata drive????

    Thank you for all you input!
  19. Solved! Finally after messing with the command prompt several times, I was able to shrink a 60GB partition from my drive and WaLa fired right up. Now all the drivers installs :(. Thank you cscott for all your help and i really do appreciate all the replies!
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  21. Sorry I wasn't able to help you a bit more, I just got a chance to take a breather (busy day in the office).

    I'm always willing to help if I can, so if you have any other problems don't be afraid to PM me :)
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