Attached hdmi cable but wont work why

Tried to attach HDMI cable so i can watch my computer on tv tried from computer straight to tv and through my dvd player when clicking on source button on tv remote nothing is coming up just says no signal. Is there anything i need to do on computer very new to this so not sure what im doing have acer windows xp . Also need answer in simple terms dont understand computer jargon please
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  1. Well. it can be a number of problems... hmm. lets try troubleshotting trying these steps after each other

    1. Set resolution to 800x600 to be sure if that is the problem

    2. set the refresh rate to 60HZ

    3. make sure your PC is set to output HDMI in the control panel either ATI CCC or nVidia control panel.

    4. your GPU might not support multiple screens try connecting ONLY your HDMI and disconnecting VGA and restarting the computer

    5. make sure your TV can use interlaced format or make your PC not output interlaced format

    6. Te
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