i cant get my new 2gb SD micro to format on my computer help =(

when i put it into my computer the first time it was able to copy the music onto it just fine but when i put it into my phone it showed that there was nothing on the card. i formatted it from my phone and still nothing so i put it back into the computer and now its saying it needs to be formatted when i try it comes back as windows was unable to complete formatting and other times it wont even recognize the card
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  1. When you formatted on your computer, what filesystem type did you use (NTSF or FAT32)? What format does your phone require (check your manual)? The problem is likely a filesystem problem. Good luck!
  2. i tried it on both =/ i cant find where it tells me what format my phone requires in the manual
  3. What make/model of phone are you using?
  4. Also, have you tried with another SD card?
  5. the box says cdm8975 i tried a 4gb card yest and it did the same only it didnt let me do anything i thought maybe it was just too much so went and got the 2gb card
  6. Here are the specs for your phone (I think):


    Looks like it will support up to an 8GB microSD. Have you formatted the card on the phone itself? Also, are you using VCast to copy stuff between your PC and the phone (just by connecting the phone to your PC via USB)?
  7. Check this link. Similar model at bottom tells you how to set up folders. Try this as well.
  8. BTW, you should be using FAT32 for the filesystem if formatting via the PC.
  9. ok thank you ill try it out i did format it on the phone it said it was succesful i just couldnt get the music i put on it from the comp to show onto the phone once i put the card in so i formatted it from the phone and tried to put the music back on it and it started doing the windows cant format. im not useing vcast im just using the music i already downloaded onto my comp.
  10. i dont have a usb lol
  11. it says F:\ is not sccessible the volume does not contain a recoginized file system. please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupt idk wat the heck that means if it means anything lol the options im given for filesystem are FAT (default) exFAT and NTFS...it all like a diff language to me
  12. i need help in accessing my apacer hc micro sd card. it won't format even though i used killdisk. i even tried a bunch of crap to format my micro sd card but nothing happened.somebody plz tell me what to do. i will be very grateful if u can give some really good advice for formatting my micro sd card. i await for reply.

    P.S.: My phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.
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