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Hi all,

I need to replace my WD Caviar Black (WD1001FALS) due to it failing some SMART test and I am planning to do a RMA for it. The hard drive is currently used for gaming and storing of my media files. Currently I'm using a Windows XP and I'm not sure if I should go for the cheaper Caviar Green 2TB or the Caviar Black 2TB or any other models you can recommend.

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  1. Green is much slower, WD Black or Samsung Spinpoint are the current top regular drives.
  2. Caviar Green better than Caviar Black, IMHO.
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    Get a Hitachi - besides making decent consumer drives they are also best manufacturers of professional grade ones, so they know how to make them.
  4. Just to check one more thing, WD is the only company now that has the Advanced Format thingy for the hard drives right? Hitachi and Samsung sites I've been to said their sector size is still 512.

    I've heard that cloning on XP will be a problem if I were to use AF drives.
  5. Not sure about cloning on or from AF drives, but if it's your system drive, then I don't think using a Green drive there is a good idea.
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