Best chipset for my Athlon 64 x2 6000+

I have been running my Athlon 64 x2 6000 on an ASUS M2nbp-vm csm mobo, which has the nvidia quadro nvs 210s chipset. I recently was given a MSI k9n neo v3, with the nvidia 560 chipset.

My question is is this an upgrade to what I am currently running? Thank you for your help.
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  1. Posted in your other thread:
    No notable difference between the boards, just use whatever you feel comfortable with, if your new to pulling apart computers and such, just use whatever you have in there atm, to prevent you from messing up the components and having to reseat the HSF and such
  2. The MSI board has 7.1 channel audio and is likely to have more in the way of overclocking options. It does not have onboard video like the ASUS though. Since the ASUS board has quatro on it the board is most likely geared toward budget workstation builds and thus likely lacks overclocking options.

    I would go with the MSI board, assuming you have a dedicated GPU and would like to overclock. If you're just using the onboard video of the ASUS board and not interested in overclocking then just stick with that.
  3. +1 ^
  4. I have an 8800gt gpu and a seperate sound card, so I am not too worried about those items. My main concern was speed, and overall quality. I am fairly new to building, just doing some for fun. Main use is for gaming. I am not knowledgeable enough yet to mess with overclocking, so if there is no noticeable gain besides that I will stick with my asus.

    One other question. Is the fsb on those boards adequate for my 6000+? I read something here about sometimes they list the speed as MT vs MHz, and that is where I am getting confused. Both boards list 1000 mhz Hyper transport(2000 mt), and the cpu lists 2000 mhz. Is this just a listing descrepency, or is it not letting me get the most from my cpu?

    Thank you for the replies.
  5. Those motherboards should be limited to a 1GHz HT link speed. Anyway, I wouldn't really worry about it since HT link speed is the last thing that has any affect on gaming performance. As long as it's at least 1GHz you're fine ^_^
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