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Hi all plz help me... i bought a new computer yesterday intel I7 920 2.66 intel motherboard dx58s0. 6 gb ddr3 dual geforce 250 gts 1g ddr3 650/w stock power windows7 ultimate 64 bit i was playing cod mw2 and suddenly the computer stop working, i try to swich it on again and again but nth happened i also try plag and unplag it chk all the cabels chk everything but still my pc is off any one can help me plz sry for my poor english ! thanks
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  1. Apply for the warranty, could be a minimum problem, BUT if you change something or do something with the PC, the warranty will be void and the manufacturer of the PC only fix the problem if you pay for this.
  2. If the computer does not turn on what so ever, such as no power at all, not a noise or fan turning, there are great chances that it is the power supply that is gone.

    But as Saint19 said, if it's yesterday's new computer DO NOT Open it as it may void the guaranty.

    Bring it back and they will fix it right away (if they are respectable)
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