What is best way to apply thermal paste ?

What is the best way to apply thermal compound (dot, spread, cross, lines)?? Does it matter that it's an i7 chip?

Looking at this video, (2:13) the cross method appears best...

What method do you guys swear by ??????
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  1. Also, none of methods shown in the video are good for a heatsink like the Xigmetak Dark Knight S1283V with HDT (Heatpipe Direct Touch system). As zipzoomflyhigh said, read what is recommend by the directions in the package.
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    It really does not make a significant difference. The key is to apply the proper amount of thermal interface material(tim). The job of the tim is to fill in the microscopic pits in the surfaces with a more heat conductive material than air. Not enough tim will not do the job, but the more common error is to apply too much which acts as an insulator.
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