Applying AS5 to exposed heat pipes Quick questions (no really)

So I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus and Arctic Silver 5.

What I plan on doing is tinting the heat sink with a credit card (because of the uneven surface cause by the copper pipes) then applying a line to the cpu die and using pressure to spread it out.

Is the combo between tinting/spreading and putting ok?

Is there a difference between spreading the paste with a credit card vs. plastic bag method?
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  1. Your plan is fine. Here is a link to the arctic silver web site instructions for using as5. The method differs depending if you have an amd or intel cpu:

    They recommend a credit card, but I guess plastic is ok. DON"T use your finger which will leave skin cells.
  2. Whatever way you want to do it is fine as long as you get a thin coat of AS5 , the thinner the better , it's just to make sure that there is a even flat surface so that there is a complete contact between heatsink and cpu. I thought it was pretty interesting that in one of the instructions I saw they said to put a dab of the paste in the middle of the cpu and apply the heatsink and let the pressure push the paste out towrds the edge , I think the main area that needs the most attention is the middle of the cpu, but I usually spread it out in a thin coat with a credit card.
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