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ok im still having troubles with this error, it only happens when i first boot my computer and log into WoW. THe computer will freeze and reboot and display an error that says hypertransport sync flood error occurred on last boot. I am currently running an AMD Phenom ii x4 965 Black edition, MSI 790fx gd70 updated to 1.90 bios, OCZ black edition RAM 4gb at 1066mhz( but they are a 1600mhz set) nvidia geforce 9800gt, corsair hx850 p supply. I was wondering if this would be linked to a prob with cpu voltages etc, if so what are good voltage settings for my CPU, DRAM, and northbride. If anyone could help me to identify the proble..would be great:)
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  1. Experiment with the ram voltage; the lower, the better. You can also drop the ht setting by 20% without sacrificing much performance. For example it it's 2000, try 1600.
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