Building a server - $2,400 Budget

I have $2,400 for a budget to build a storage server, needs to be running off of windows.

School me in the basic needs please... dual redundancy power supplys? Xeon dual vs quad? sata drives for SAS? raid(5 or 0+1) vs ?...

It's not a matter of intended useso much, but a matter of maximizing as close to the budget. I need performance and lowest chance of data loss. I have been fooling around with some shopping cart lists pairing systems together already. But I wanted to at least bounce some ideas I may have overlooked.
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  1. Don't build, buy one of Dell and get warranty.
  2. if it's just for file storage dual-core will be enough. And RAID 5 or 6 would be preferable over 0+1 or 1+0. Even with RAID you should also have a backup solution.
  3. How serious is this server going to be? Are you looking at a home server or something for non-critical storage, or are you talking high-use, critical stuff?

    If the former then you can do it on about $600. If the latter don't build it yourself and go to Dell or HP and get something with warranty as das_stig suggested
  4. ^Agreed. If it's mission critical you may want to get a Dell or HP or IBM server. That way, you won't get blamed for problems ;). Also, Server 2008 R2 or something else?

    Imo, if possible, I'd install Fedora on it. Much better for server duty than Windows. Server 2008 R2 is better as a Workstation(CAD/Rendering/CFD) than a Server. (Again, these are MY opinions)
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