Need help with choosing a good motherboard under 100$

Hi. I need help choosing a good motherboard. First I looked at GA-G31M-ES2L but now I have some more money and I want to buy a decent motherboard. Here are some criteria:
1)I want it to support DDR2 and this specific model(2gb DDR2-800Mhz, Kingmax, PC6400)
2)I want it to recognize an E8400 without any BIOS updates and stuff.
3)It gotta have at least 1 IDE connctor.
4)PCI-e 2.0 and perhaps support for Crossfire(HD 4770)

I really want to but the PC next week so please give me a few options!
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  1. Thanks. Well, can you recomend me a PC configuration? Is it good to buy an E8400 now that the socket 775 is no longer gonna be upgraded? Should I buy a DDR3 motherboard? What video card should I choose?

    edit: right now I'm reading Homebuild systems. I guess I'll reasearch a while before buying something.
  2. I need a CPU, Video card, motherboard and memory. My budget is 1350RON(my currency)Please search for products on That's where I will buy it. Resolution is 1024x768 but i'll buy a new monitor soon.
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