How do you creat a bootable CD to flash BIOS?


I am pretty new and don't want to mess anything up with my computer when doing this so any help would be helpful. I have a Foxconn A7GM-S motherboard. And currently it does not support a AM3 cpu, so I'm trying to do a bios flash so I can get the AM3 support( which is the BIOS version 799F1P11 from there web site, this link ) So far I have been following this page( ) to help me. I went down that page and they have a link that says how to make a bootable cd ( ) . On the cd walk through one, the first link that they have doesn't work. Does anyone know how they could help me in general to get a bootable disk so I can flash my BIOS? I have a Phenom II x4 processor that I am going to put in.
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  1. How did you burn the CD and what application did you use? I'm positive their instructions are correct.
  2. Well I don't know how do burn it really and am not sure what application to use. So I have not done that yet.
  3. take this and click on the"How to create a bootable disk" and then down to the CD boot instructions. And there on (1) The first link is to the flashcd.iso that I need but it doesn't let me download it without having to pay $4 for it :( is there any program that I could use that does the exact same as the one they have linked there that I don't have to pay for? I'm using ultra.iso that they have a link to on that same page.
  4. What software do you have to burn CDs? You can download ImgBurn and burn the ISO image to a CD.
  5. I would but I can't get the ISO image that I need.
  6. Many mobos have the option to flash from within the bios and it will look for the file on a usb drive.
  7. is that for newer boards? because mine isn't really new.
  8. Unfortunately that mobo doesn't have the option to flash from within the BIOS.
    If you don't want to spend $4, then download Ultimate Boot CD from and burn it to a CD.
  9. for all your boot disk needs.
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