Arctic Silver 5 + CM 212 + i5-2500K

I'm having a tough time figuring out what to do for the thermal paste pattern for the CM 212+ and the i5-2500K.

The Arctic Silver website says to use the vertical line method when applying paste for the i5-2500K. But I dont think that'll work so well if I'm using the CM 212+. Any ideas what method I should use when applying thermal paste?

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  1. I apply little cross lines (waffle pattern), and slide the heatsink around to spread the paste before tightening the heatsink wdown.
  2. the same one you use on any other CPU/heatsink combo? I just applied a small dot and spread it around with a tiny piece of cardboard. I get idle temperatures around 33C (21C ambient) with the fans (push/pull) set to 1k RPM.
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