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just got this cpu , and i noticed the fan speed is very loud , i installed a software that came with my motherboard , called Overclocking Center ! what is the appropriate temps for the cpu ? idle and under heavy load (gaming) ? and if anyone used the software whats with the sound that keeps on going (like a police Siren) but its the most annoying thing ive ever heard

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  1. Gaming won't put a heavy load on the cpu, just not going to happen with todays games and a quad core. However if your actually doing something that will stress the cpu and put it to a 100% load, I personally wouldn't let it go past 60C, but I believe AMD says the core temps are safe up to 70C with Deneb.
  2. AMD lists the max core temp as 62C, it will automatically heat throttle around that point. At the moment mine is idling at 34C, with a case temp of 24C, its usually about 10C above case temp for me with CnQ enabled.

    Are you using the stock cooler or an aftermarket cooler? My stock cooler isnt super loud but it also isnt dead silent either. If yours sounds like a siren consider an aftermarket cooler.
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