Motherboard, or mouse problem?

I've never had a problem like this before and It's very complex. I haven't been able to find anyone who can thoroughly understand the problem, the reason for it, or how it happened but the fact is.. it did happen and it's real. As a crazy as this will sound. Here I go.

I'm an avid gamer. I've been gaming for years now. I ran into a problem recently with an older computer I had. Apparently It's possessed by a demon or something super natural happened but basically

I've went through three different mouses on this one computer and the same thing happened every time. Two razer mice, and one logitech.

The mouse abnormally slow on the highest of all DPI settings, sensitivity etc. I've re-installed ALL drivers, tried without drivers, reinstalled Operating systems. Tried different Operating systems, tried different ports and tried TWO different cpus and nothing has changed.

The mouse simply will move VERY VERY slowly on the highest of all settings, and the mouse speed will change upon restart, idle etc.

It makes absouletely no sense. Now I've reasoned that there is no way I've been sent three bad mice. At one point or period they functioned normally and somewhere in a small time period they began to dysfunction and I can not find the reason.

Here is the questions I have.

Is it possible for a mouse to damage a USB port, or vice versa?

Can there be internal damage done to a mouse plugged in a possibly damaged USB port or motherboard? * Just speculation )

By plugging these damaged mice into new systems, am I risking damage to the new system?

The final questions I have is, is it possible to fix this problem?

I don't think I'll find much help here because this is a problem that not many people have heard of, or encountered. I'd need someone very technical and knowledgeable about computers. I'm thinking like Engineers or something. Well I thought I'd post anyway and try.

I would literally pay over a $100 just to find someone who can help me fix this problem. It has ruined gaming for me in the last two years or so and I'm left clueless. I hope if no one can help me here, they can point me in the right direction.

If I really find someone who can diagnose the problem and help me fix it.. I'd seriously hand over a $100 +. I've spent so much more trying to fix it. 3 mice, brand new CPU. Well.. I hope I can find someone. Thank you for your time.
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  1. It is therortically possible for a USB port to damage components plugged into it if its voltage regulation was way off, but i doubt it went that far out of wack. Can you post the full system specs? Also what USB ports are you using? Ones on the back of the motherboard or ones on the front of the case?

    Do you have another system that you could test the mice with to see if they perform properly on a different system? If they work properly when hooked up to another machine that rules them out as source of the issue.

    Now you say that they go slowly on the highest of all settings, what about 3/4th of the way to max? It may be an issue with running them at the highest possible setting, they might work better at a slightly low setting.
  2. It has to be an internal problem. I know that the 1st mouse I ever had was a copperhead. The computer I had was bought. It was a HP 4200 AMD Dual Core 1 GIG ram 320 GB harddrive and I used onboard video. If you need more specs let me know. That was the COMPUTER the problems began happening on.

    I've tried on two different computers, no fix. One was a older CPU and I just built a new one today.

    AMD Phenom X4 3.0 ghz 4G DDR2 1066 ram and a biostar motherboard.

    Now with the copperhead, you can flash the firmware to update the drivers. I did that several times, trying to fix the mouse, and it worked for a little while and then eventually it wouldn't do anything. I'm wondering if flashing the firmware too many times could have possibly damaged the usb port in which any mouse plugged in is also internally damaged. All three mice I still have.

    I'd be willing to ship the mouse for free to anyone if they think they can find the problem. They can keep the mouse too if can fix it. I really think It's an act of God, call me crazy but maybe It's time I quit gaming.

    I'm pretty sure it's either something very stupidly simple or something very very very complex.

    If I were to buy a new gaming mouse and try it on this brand new PC, if I still had similar problems would that find the problem in itself? Meaning the previous mice were internally damaged, and by plugging them in my new system, I have also damaged the new CPU? Sounds crazy but I am not technical enough in my knowledge of computers to find a solution to this problem.

    The three mice were the Copperhead, Logitech G3, and a Razer Salmosa.

    I also noted that upon restarting, or idling and coming back the mouse speed would be different, slightly slower or slightly faster.

    These mice are all HIGH dpi mouse and at maxed setting they should be fairly fast.

    But really I'm still willing to pay to find a fix.
  3. maybe pointing out the too obvious, but have you adjusted the sensitivity within windows?

    as in, not the mouse software, but in windows control panel?
  4. Yeah, obviously. Anything basic you think of, I've done it already. This problem is going to be much more complex 95% more likely anyway.
  5. hmm. then let me think.

    im thinking maybe some strange dispartiy between yuor actual desktop res, and the reports the mouse is recieving. causing it to scale the DPI incorrectly. just an educated guess at what would cause such an issue.

    based off of that, id say reinstall mobo drivers and video card drivers. or rollback video card drivers. while your at it make sure theres no virtual desktop or second monitor active in vid card drivers.

    or, it could be a USB reporting issue. limiting the report rate of the mice due to some sort of bandwidth issue. do any other USB devices have issues? do you have a usb flash/hard drive you can hook up to check transfer rates?

    to be honest though mate, im just guessing. its a strange problem, and most likely beyond me.

    good luck though.
  6. Yeah. It's very strangle. I've been told several different things, and I don't think anyone is right. One person suggested the mice were damaged and should be tossed. My biggest fear is buying a brand new mouse and using it on the new cpu to find out the mouse is doing the same thing. I"m just fearful of the new mice possibly damaging my current new system. That would own me.
  7. My gut instinct was to do a Windows reload, but that is a real hassle just to test a theory... download a bootable Ubuntu CD and see if the mouse works correctly from that operating system. You don't even have to install anything... just let it run from the CD. If your mouse acts up there, you have a hardware problem... likely your motherboard.

    If it works correctly there? Well, you have a Windows problem and should seriously consider the OS reload.
  8. I have a new mouse coming soon. I'm going to try that on the new computer, if that doesn't work. I'll reinstall a different operating system like Windows 7 or something. If that still doesn't work I'm going to probably try to get into contact with a computer engineer and hopefully find a resolution. Very stressful dealing with this though, can't game at all and I play competitively.

    I should also note other USB devices work fine. I'm seriously convinced this is super natural. As stupid as it sounds, there is absoulety no one on the internet who can give me a straight answer, what else can I believe? This has never really happened to ANYONE. I've never heard of a problem anywhere and I've searched online for a long time now.
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