Dvd writer plays cd only not dvd

i have a samsung r418 notebook having a TEAC DV-W28S-V Dvd writer installed. i had the system for 2 years and the dvd writer does not recognize any dvd but burns and plays all cd...i carried my laptop around a bit...plz help
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  1. Sounds like the DVD laser / head broke. To the best of my knowledge (and I may be wrong), there are actually two different systems in a combo drive, one for DVDs and one for CDs. If that's actually the case, I can see why one could break while the other still works.

    Is the notebook still in warranty? If not, you would have to either get the same part (notebook drives are not universal as desktop drives are) or settle for attaching an external DVD drive.
  2. warranty was for only one year which expired in 2010 . Thnx for ur advice .. i might have to get it checked by an expert on what type of drive(SATA/other) and which brands may be compatible.....external is costly but i'd rather go for in built one , much easier to carry ;)
  3. Search on line by the model number. You can probably pick one up second-hand for under $100, if you are willing to go without a warranty.
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