Core 2 duo e6750 and msi g41m-p26 no overclock possible

i tried to overclock this 2.66ghz cpu to 2.76 and i get no video and have to clear the cmos
is there some setting i am missing here?
or does this chip not overclock?
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  1. ok so maybe its the motherboard and not the chip
    what is the best socket 775 motherboard for OC?
    i googled that and i get p35 based boards but i do not see any for sale
    infact all the boards i see at newegg and tiger direct are all g41 or g31
  2. G31/G41 boards are poor overclockers when used with a CPU with a 333 MHz FSB.
  3. ok
    thanks for that info
    i did read something about that.
    i might try a different cpu with that board.

    i also talked to msi and they said the top board currently for sale in that line up can do some overclocking

    the g41m-p34
    the g41m-p35 was the top board but its not currently shipping.
  4. It is still a G41.

    I have a couple of C2D's (E6500 and E7500, both 2.93 GHz) with 266 MHz FSB's. One of my G41's will run at 352 GHz. That is 3.87 GHz. But even if your board will not run much past the stock 333 MHz, that is still 3.66 GHz.

    You can also use one of the E3400's. Those have a 200 MHz FSB, so you will be limited by the CPU core speed and they are less than $50 from newegg.

    My favorite of what is available right now would be the E6600 (3.06 GHz); about $70. That would give you a minimum overclock of 3.8 GHz.
  5. yes i do like those E3400
    have you tried to OC one of those?

    the passmark site has it performing similar to the e6750
    if that is accurate then that is a great value.
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