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I posted in the dell system threads but got no replies. So I did some reserch and found a couple of cards that were recomended.The card recomended are the gforce 9500 gt 1024 mb.The big problem is the power supply is 375w.

Is this card caplable of playing games like COD 4. What other options are there for cards based on this card

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  1. 375W..go buy a 4670.
    If you need a cheaper card..get a 4650.
  2. Why the PSU is a problem?
  3. He probably has no PCI-E connectors.
  4. You'll be supprised at what you can get away with. Although some cards say 500watt actual fact they'd proabably run on a GOOD QUALITY 400-450watt PSU.

    BUT....i would be wary of your PSU as i assume it came with the pre-built PC and tend to be of poor quality.

    Im not sayin go and get a power hog GPU....but i think you'll find your options arn't as limited as you might think!

    ^+1 for hd 4670.

    (btw. Geforce 9500 wasn't designed with games in mind!!!)
  5. Thanks for your help. The plan is to do a upgrade until I get my rig built. Me and my son both want to build it so he can build him one to.

    One (hopfully last question) . There are many brands over at newegg.

    All diffrent prices. Any I should stay away from.
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