Extremely slow web response

Web browser (firefox Chrome) hangs for minutes in "waiting for..." state. A second win7 machine on this home network responses instantly.
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  1. Hi Harrzack

    Could be a virus infection.

    Run step#1 and #2 to start with and let us know.

  2. have you deleted the tempory files in the last year?

    this can make a big difference, some people thing that it wont slow down in time but it does if they don't keep deleting it

    it could also be that you havent got enough ram in that computer with all the other programs running, my stepdads down stairs does this
  3. @shanky887614Z

    Yep, that too : )

    U can use CCleaner for that
  4. Have run both BitDefender 2012 and Prevx 3 just prior to creating this post. No change. CCcleaner is run on a regular basis and have just reduced the Internet cache to min 50 mb, and deleted everything - temp files, etc. No change.
    Running 8Gs o' ram - Logitech G15 says I'm typically using about 30% or so of ram.

    The delay is ONLY going to the web - Google searches and such. All other performance is normal and excellent
  5. try Internet explorer.
  6. Yes, try IE to see if it is the same issue.

    I would still run that step #1 and #2. Not all AV scanners are equal to all infections.

    BTW, can u switch search to something else and see if it is the same?

    Or back up with Google Chrome Backup and re-install it after restart and CCleaner registry clean up.
  7. Are you using wifi? It could be your wifi adapter.
  8. Sorry - missed what "Steps 1&2" were pointing to. Now running MalwareBytes in Safe mode. System is all wired. I THINK the system is clean and 'malware free'... but we will see!

    I keep wondering if the onboard NIC has gone flaky...
  9. Hopefully soon we will know , but at least 1 thing will be out of the way.

    Actually, Malwarebytes could favor some infection handling better in normal mode. Scan in normal too.
  10. This sort of problem can be caused by incompatible or flaky add-ons. Try disabling all add-ons and see if it cures the problem.
  11. Some points:
    1) use registry cleaners at your own risk. It's very, very easy to wreck your system.

    2) Try three browsers, IE, Firefox and Chrome. If the problem exists in all of them it's probably not directly related to the browser itself. If it's Chrome, for example, look at Chrome.

    3) So if it's Chrome, uninstall it and reinstall it (keep favorites). As mentioned it could be an addon issue.

    4) Firefox kept freezing constantly so much in the last month (version 6 and 7) that I've stopped using it for now.
  12. Def have moved away from Reg Cleaners - all seem bogus except CCleaner. Have ran "steps 1 & 2" - nothing serious found, removed what was found - no change.

    I've entered "http://www.tomshardware.com" in each browser on that machine, and FF and Chrome hung for a LONG time on "waiting for www.tomshardware.com" - but finally did appear. We are talking MINUTEs here. Just now IE9 finally returned with the site.

    This keeps feeling like a flaky NIC - (onboard Asus Mobo) - seems like the system is pretty clean now and still hanging... ARRRGH!!

    =Alan R.
  13. I wonder what, if u would switch the PC to see ....... I know it is pain to move it.

    At this point I would back up and re-install and be done with it... Or restore back up.
  14. I have an Asus P5N-D with an onboard nvidia 1gb nic. My internet downloads started sucking, so I would go to speed test.net and get like .5mbs down. Then I do the same test on a USB nic and I get 20mbs.I pay extra for "boost" which is supposed to be 20-30mbs download and 5 up.

    I thought it was a virus so I did a clean install of Win7 and the issue came back. Anyway I installed a $5 pci 1gb nic and eveything has been great ever since.
    I can only guess the onboard nic freaked out.
  15. Oh yah I also tired win xp and every single nvidia driver and chipset package I could find. The issue was intermitten but it always came back. I searched all over the interwebs and found nothing related to my issue. That was about a year ago the PCI card has been great.
  16. Another idea to try, by bucknutty^

    Maybe u can try to swap and try what u got at home if possible.
  17. [SOLVED!] :bounce:

    As it turns out, IDM - Internet Download Manager is causing the big delay! The program is awesome and works great - but after it is used, it leaves 2 processes running which cause the delay. I did a bunch of Clean Installs and worked my down, turning off processes and startups, and is the culprit.

    If I use the program, and then go to the web, the big hang begins. Then I go to Task Manager, and end the IDM process tree - go back to the web - and... Volia! The pages appear quickly again. I've sent 4 emails to them regarding this but so far, no reply or comment.
  18. dupe
  19. Well, at least u got it done, Harrzack!
  20. One last thought: The IDM processes def slow down all the browsers. It is very testable. HOWEVER: I think FireFox 7.01 still has some major performance issues, especially after it has been ran for awhile. Chrome and IE9 seem to, pretty much, keep their speed up after the IDM processes have been killed off...

    Thanks to all who thru in some ideas.
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