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SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Surfing the net, burning DVD's, photoshop and some gaming.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Operating System, Case.

For CPU & Motherboard:

For Ram, HDD, Optical Drive, GPU, PSU:

PARTS PREFERENCES: Mainly looking for an i5 or AM3 Build.

OVERCLOCKING: I would like my system to be able to overclock


MONITOR RESOLUTION: Well, this is a little different.
The monitor I will be using for the system for a couple months will be a 17'
But in the future, (end of this year) i'll be using a 22'

Unsure on resolutions.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am going to purchasing the CPU and motherboard online because my local computer shop does not sell i5's according to it's website.
The operating system I will be using is Windows Xp Professional (Would it be good?)

Budget: $1000 AUD (Or over a litte bit, willing to pay a bit more for the i5)
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    I would suggest you this config -
    Source - msy
    i5 750 - AUD 269
    Mobo - Gigabyte P55 UD3R - AUD 172
    4GB DDR3 1600MHz(GSkillz or Patriot) - ~ AUD 100
    CASE - Antec 300 - AUD 94
    PSU - Antec EA 500 - AUD 101
    Graphics card - For now spend very less on the graphics card and later on upgrade it with the monitor because newer cards will be available by then...
    ATI HD 4670 ~ AUD 90

    HDD - Seagate 7200.12 500GB - AUD 68

    And as for OS, the Xp Pro is very good...But upgrade to WIN 7 later on...
  2. I would advise you to buy Vista 64 with the Windows 7 upgrade coupon so you don't have to pay twice for the operating system.
    Or else use the Free Release Candidate 64-bit valid until March.
  3. Indeed I will upgrade to windows 7.
    Maybe after about a good 6 months after it's released.
  4. As I said, I don't need a case.

    But thanks for the imput.
    So you think an i5?

    Also, for a GPU I was thinking a Manli GTX 260 for 270 AUD.
  5. Not needing a big HDD either.
  6. ^ Though you dont need a bigger HDD, it is better you get them because they will be faster than the smaller drives...
    And as for graphic card, the GTX 260 is an overkill for your monitor...And like I said newer cards will be out by this month end from ATI...So I would suggest you buy that HD 4670 for now and later upgrade with your monitor...
  7. What gkay is suggesting regarding the GPU is to buy the cheapest thing you can and then later buy a DX11 GPU when they come out in late september.

    edit - and gkay posted right in front of me...
  8. what do you mean by overkill?
    will it do any damage?
  9. So you mean when Windows 7 comes out with Direct X 11.
    You suggest me to buy a GPU then.
    Seems like a good idea, and to save me money :)
  10. Shappo said:
    what do you mean by overkill?
    will it do any damage?

    It won't do any damage, what he means is that the card is too powerful for your monitor. That means it will runs most games maxed out on everything (AA&AF too possibly, although any AA beyond 4x is overkill, imo) and still provide a framerate way beyond 60 on average.

    Basically, it's like going out and buying a Ferrari to race against mini vans when a lower end sports car would do just fine.
  11. Alright, but later on I'll be buying a 22' monitor instead of the 17'.

    Still think i should purchase a cheap one?
  12. Overkill means that your monitor would not make full use of the graphics card power and most of the graphics power would go to waste...

    And Yes we are suggesting that only...
    Get the cheaper HD 4670 now as it can play almost all the games at Medium-high settings in that 17" monitor of yours, save money and when you change your monitor, then change your graphics card... :)
  13. But the majority of computing will be on a 22' monitor.

    But for the meantime, if I use the GTX 260 on the 17'

    Will it work? Like does the overkill have any effects?

    I'm only using the 17' because i'll be buying one later..

    Also.. another question... putting the system through a plasma? ;o
  14. What we are trying to explain about the graphics card is the new DX 11 cards are coming out in about a week. They will be twice as powerful as a GTX 260 at only 50% higher price, in addition to being dx11 compatible for the future. Buying a GTX 260 now is alot of money for a card you may end up replacing in 2 years with a DX11 card. Better to buy a cheap throwaway card to use for a while and save your money for a DX11 card when you are ready to go to 22inch.

    That 4670 in your link is WAY overpriced. Its more expensive than the GTX 250!
    Try looking for a GTS 9600. In the US that 4670 is less than half the price of a GTX 250.

    The DX11 ATI 5850 should be out in a couple weeks and relative to those prices should be maybe $400 Aus and twice as fast as the 260. They should ship on Sept 22 in the US. No idea over there. If you can hold off your purchase for a couple weeks we should know everything about the new cards.
  15. Alright, well for now.. can I just use the on board GPU?
  16. I don't really want to purchase a piece of hardware, and have it for no use.
  17. ^ dnd has clearly explained why we had suggested a cheaper graphics card...

    And ATI will not only launch the costly ones but also mainstream budget ones along with the high-end series. - HD 5770 and 5750...They should be less than AUD 300 and would offer better performance...
  18. And there is no onboard video on those boards...So you would have to buy a cheaper graphics card...
  19. Righteo. I'll wait till the DX 11 cards come out. (could be a while for aus :P)

    If it isn't going to be that long, can I just use on board GPU instead of buying a new card for the time being?
  20. Ah, no on board..

    Well originally I was thinking of getting the ASUS p7p55d le

    Would this be a better board?
  21. Alright, thanks heaps for the help with the GPU. I've got that part set out.

    Mainly the board and the CPU is my main concern now.
  22. The ASUS p7p55d le is the motherboard I would use if I was building an i5 system this week. Still no onboard video, though.
  23. gkay09 said:
    ^ dnd has clearly explained why we had suggested a cheaper graphics card...

    And ATI will not only launch the costly ones but also mainstream budget ones along with the high-end series. - HD 5770 and 5750...They should be less than AUD 300 and would offer better performance...

    I had only seen announcements of the 5870 and 5850 coming out at the end of this month with more models to be released later this year. Have you seen something else?
  24. Alright, so the i5 and the p7p55d le is a good combination.

    I'm not sure to go 2gb of ram, or 4gb.

  25. If you are going vista64/win7 upgrade then its 4GB.

    If you are running XP then 2GB.

    If you are going to run vista 32. - Just dont.
  26. EDIT: Dint refresh before posting.
    @dndhatcher here is the news...

    And @shappo go with 4GB RAM...Win7 would make use of additional memory...And make sure you get the 64-bit and not 32-bit version.
  27. Right - they wont be in the initial Sept 22nd release.
  28. ^ Yup but not very late....
  29. Going to run XP Professional.
    When 7 comes out, i'm going to get it.

    So 4gb?
  30. Yes - 3GB minimum for win7/vista to run decently.
  31. ^+1 Win 7 would love 4GB...
  32. Righteo here's my build so far:
    i5 750
    ASUS p7p55d le
    Silverstone 500w psu
    Sony Lightscribe DVD Burner
    WD 320Gb Sata

    I am trying to purchase everything except for board and cpu from local computer shop to cut a deal.
    RAM needs to be brough off
    What would you guy's recommend?
  33. Also, is that PSU enough to power a good GPU later on?
  34. They dont have any good DDR3 RAM sets at all...
    There was just 1 DDR3 2GB, which dint even have a brand...

    And as for that PSU, it can power any single graphics card even upto GTX 285...
  35. hello i have a quesiton i dont know where im gonan send to what thread but if u know this please help:) i have just built a computer and everything works and so on but.
    I've installed windows 7 and xp and i get freeze lagg and why do i get that?
    and the other question i tried to install the OS again but now it wont work it just freeze there. i think its the harddrive, can it be because i instsalled it like 4 times.. i have no ideaa.. hope u understand what im writing :) ask me any question if u dont understand what i mean
    Regards Simon
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