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This question should be on a power supply forum, but since it looks like is not a power supply forum, I hope to get an answer here.

I need to replace the power supply fan. It collected dirt, run slower, and sometimes stops.

I bought a power supply fan with tree wires, Black, Yellow, and Green, but the power supply only has two wires: Black and Red.

I connected the Black with Black, and the Red with Yellow, but the fan don’t start.

I suppose that the green is for control (count RPM, or something).

Somebody knows if there is a way to make it work?
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  1. I got another fan, this time with red and black wires. It works, but still wish to know how to make work the other.
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    Electrical code says green wires are for ground. Red and yellow wires in a PC are different voltages, 5V and 12V. No clue why it didn't work. Sounds like it should have.
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