Need Advice on Buying an SSD

Hey, I've been looking to get an SSD Drive in the ~$100 range.

The two I have been looking at are:

The OCZ Agility 2

And Corsair Nova 2

But I can't seem to find any reviews on the Corsair one. Any help on figuring out which I should get, or any other drive, would be appreciated. :)

Current Motherboard:

Gigabyte P35-ds3l (ie; Only 3 GB/s Ports)
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  1. You're right. There are no technical reviews and no user reviews of the Corsair Nova 2 series 60GB ssd. Must be a new item because it is not listed in the ssd database which is up to date. Not much info on the Corsair product page either. No other capacities shown. The Corsair technical specs for the ssd do not identify the controller either.
  2. I would go with the Agility 2 at that price range...
  3. You should always look on spec and see which one Read higher+Write higher and between those two, it's the Agility...
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