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Hello all, Sparco here with an overclocking question. I just finished building my system, with 5 case fans and a Hyperplus 212 CPU Cooler with 2 120mm fans in a "push/pull" setup. My stock idle temp is 29c and my full load temps(video conversions) are at around 38c-40c. I just hit the "auto tune" on the overclocking program that comes with my asus evo board and it reports that my processor speed has increased successfully by 8%. yay :na: ? i hope so. after auto tuning my idle temps are now 32c and my load temps jump to 45c-48c. my question is thus: should i be worried about these temps???? should i go back to stock clock speed? what are some reasonable temps?

as always thank you!
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  1. this is a black edition by the way. thanks!
  2. Sparco23 said:
    this is a black edition by the way. thanks!

    Rev c1 or c3?

    c3 has a max temp of 62 C
  3. Temps are fine but I would forget the auto tune and set your multi. up to x19 and set your voltage to between 1.375-1.425v...The autotune messes up the RAM speed usually, in my end up with a FSB:DRAM ratio of 4:3
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