I7-2600K overheats in Prime 95

I have a i7-2600K with Zalman CNPS 9500 and while the cpu idles at 29C and hits about 60-65C under load, it reaches above 95C in Prime95. The cpu is overclocked to 4.6...so that may explain the high temps, but I've never seen temps so high. I usually stop the stress test when the temps hit low 90, which is after the first 5-6 minutes.

Everything is fine when the cpu idles or even under load it only reaches 60-65C, but...is there something wrong? The fan appears to be seated correctly and I do not experience any weird behavior during day to day uses...except the high temps during prime 95. Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!!
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  1. By the way I have Asus P8z68-V 3Gen mobo with 8 gigs of Mushking Red line ram running at 1600.
  2. You never mentioned what voltages you were running with that OC, but yes, I would assume at 95c something is wrong with your OC. I've heard of the 2600K going to 5.0 GHz without breaking 70c.
  3. Voltages are around 1.38 under load.
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