Constant "Waiting for..." from Firefox and Chrome

Greets to all!

There are two Win7 machines on my home network. The "Old Machine" is a Dell Dimension 8400 with a newly formatted disk and Win7 32b. All connections to the net with this machine are nearly instant.

The "New Machine" is a user-build i7-860 based box with Win7 64b, 8g ram and fast video card - about 1yr old. In the past few days I've noticed slower and slower web-returns. In the lower left corner of the browser I see "Waiting for" and it can hang for MINUTES. I'm posting this message via the "Old Machine" as I couldn't get here from the long waits.

The Bad Machine has latest network drivers, all Windows stuff is up to date, latest firefox and chrome. Each of two virus packages were run independently - each found a Trojan and it was removed. Both programs are now disabled. I swapped the Cat5 cable on the switch - no change.

If I boot that machine in Safe Mode w/Networking - the response time to web connections is excellent - no 'Waiting for..." messages. When I boot back to full Win7 the slowdown is back.

I keep thinking this might be a NIC failure - it is Realtek motherboard chipset. Generally that stuff doesn't "half-work" but I guess it could be flaky...

Pretty desperate - trying to do some wordpress sites and the constant turnaround needed for that work is bring me to a real crawl... Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

=Alan R.
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  1. Hi Alan,

    It could be a virus infection still in place. Could be a NIC failure too. Can u try wired and wireless connection to see if there is a difference? And run on both.

    Run step#1 and #2 to start with and let us know.
  2. Have ran Malwarebytes in SafeMode. It found 4 things - bad but not 'serious'. It removed them - rebooted, and no change on the ultra slow web connections. Still getting excessive "Waiting for" Will now try step 2.

    =Alan r.
  3. Have now ran Spybot in Safemode - only found and removed a couple benign cookies. Rebooted to full Win7. Whenever I enter a specific address like all the browser's (FF,Chrome,IE9) go to an indefinite hang, "Waiting for"

    Moved Cat5 cable to new port on switch - no change. This is so freekin' bizarre! Def has to be something munged in Win7 but nothing seems to touch it. ARRGH!

    =Alan R.
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