Downgrading HSF to increase case fans?

I have an i7 920 @ stock 2.6GHz.
I currently have a Mugen2 HSF that blocks my side case fan. Since my case fan only supports 3 fans, I need my side fan for better air flow. (and I like my case so I'm not going to buy one of those HighAirFlow cases)

I can get a N520 for pretty low prices.

Do you think it's worth it to downgrade the Mugen2 to the Cooler Master N520 if I'm able to add a side case fan? Will my temps increase/decrease/stay the same?

My Mugen2 currently idles around 38'C @ stock, 55'C at moderate load, and 60'C-65'C at full load running prime95.
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  1. id say leave your mugen. its a great HSF, and the loss of one case fan likely makes little to no difference to your temps.
  2. In that case, should I remount my HSF? I've seen people idle temps of around 32-34'C with the same room temp as me.
  3. Your temps are perfectly fine. No CPU is made the same so it's entirely possible yours just runs a little hotter or theirs runs a little cooler. Thermal material may be different too.

    You have nothing to worry about.
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