MSI laptop sudden shutdown - one of CPU cores too hot?

I have a Windows 7 MSI GX710 laptop (Turion 64 X2 TL-66 ) starts to act oddly for the past few weeks.

It will shutdown suddenly for no reason even it's plugged in. No warning, no event view error log, no nothing. Not even a blue screen. And no memory dump.

I use the vacuum to clean up the fan and dust and I feel it's not overheating.

However, when I ran CoreTemp32, the temperature is like this.

I'm not running background process and task manager showed both core usage is about the same.

Has the voltage regulator for the laptop malfunctioned? Is it time to call MSI?

The crash has become more and more often.

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  1. OK.

    when the CPU is on load 65%-85%, core 0 is 74C, core 1 is 33C, but does not crash.

    It seems the crash is completely random.
  2. I think that temp sensor for the second core is malfunctioning because there is no way you can get it that low in a gaming laptop.
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