Which software is supported to blue ray files to play for personal computer

dear sir,
I download a blue ray movie file,but my system's players(windows media player,vlc player, km player) are unable to play the blue ray movie,which software player is play the blue ray movie file in pc.I request please solve my problem.
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  1. First, there is no such thing as a Bluray movie file.

    Second, we cannot help you play pirated movies.
  2. VLC plays .mt2s file.
    Locate the .mt2s under the Stream folder. That is the movie file.

    And to reply to PhiFrisbie, anandbabu12 did not say anything about piracy so don't start assuming the movie is pirated. Second, use the word I instead of we.
  3. VLC plus this addon = Bluray playback >
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